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MONDAY - SUNDAY 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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Tel.: (252) 364-8200
Fax: (252) 364-8201

Our Location

110 E 10TH ST, #200,

Welcome to Hibachi JapanHibachi Japan!

“We are convenient to East Carolina University, and provide both dine-in and take-out service! We serve hibachi-grilled lunches and dinners, which are quickly prepared to order at a great value! Our restaurant uses fresh vegetables and the best meat to cook our food. We use vegetable oil, and none of our food contains MSG. We look after your tastebuds and your health! Our meat is cooked on the grill, not deep-fried, and is therefore healthier. Good food, good service, and good prices. You can't beat Hibachi Japan!”

Popular Dishes

Hibachi Chicken

Juicy chicken cooked on hibachi grill, served w. Fried/Steamed Rice.

Spicy Tuna Roll

A popular classic…always made with the freshest tuna available!

Hibachi Shrimp & Steak

Get the best of both world in one hot sizzling plate!

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